Available courses can be modified based on your needs

IDENTIFY – Current trends and opportunities related to Digital assets and Blockchain based technologies  

  • Understand current trends in the Digital assets and Blockchain technology space
  • How Blockchain is a revolutionary technology disrupting traditional methods of conducting business
  • The evolution of tokens and decentralized Digital assets that can be used to build new financial models, businesses, and stakeholders across regional boundaries
  • Analyze the potential for Blockchain technology in various industries including finance, distribution, real estate, legal and government
  • Hear first-hand what experts are saying including Bill Gates, Andreas Antonopoulos, Brock Pierce, Tim Draper, Vitalik Buterin, Dan Tapscott and other visionaries

LEARN - Upon completion of the course, you will be able to 

  • Understand the fundamentals of Digital assets, Blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • Articulate the concept of smart contracts and understand the value of distributed autonomous organizations
  • Discuss approaches to deploying Digital assets and Blockchain technology in new business models
  • Understand Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and how to set up different types of tokens including utility, security, and commodity tokens
  • Identify where Blockchain technology can be used across global industries including the Internet of Things (IOT)

APPLY – You will be able to set up your own Blockchain based e-business: 

  • Apply the concepts learned into setting up a sample e-business
  • Launch the e-business on the Blockchain network
  • Leverage globally available e-business services to develop new opportunities 
  • Create and accept ERC20 tokens for the e-business 
  • Develop an e-business that uses smart contracts for transactions
  • Accept and validate tokens, digital and fiat payments for the e-business 

PREDICT – You will understand future opportunities and challenges: 

  • Hear what business leaders have to say about how the impact of the Blockchain on today’s business world
  • How Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics can accelerate the adoption of Digital assets and Blockchain technology
  • How scalability, security and regulations can impact the adoption of Digital assets and Blockchain technology
  • The need for robust Know Your Customer (KYC) processes to identify Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) transaction risks
  • The current state of regulations related to the use of crypto currencies for transactions, as a store of value, commodities, and securities
  • How token economics can create new business models leading to significant new income streams