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Blockchain Advisory Institute provides industry relevant training and advisory services on the practical applications of Blockchain technology.  Our industry experts and insights will provide students and businesses the knowledge and tools necessary to be successful using the Blockchain.  

We advise, design and build Blockchain technology solutions that expand new and existing business models, driving opportunities and revenue.  Many sectors can benefit from the use of Blockchain technology, including Real Estate, Remittances and cross border banking to name a few. Rapid technology development in Blockchain technology means that opportunities can evolve, making it important to have a clear understanding of blockchain's impact on your business.


Our team of technical, business and legal experts can assess your requirements and provide you clarity on the opportunities.  Using our education and advisory services, you will be to apply our expertise to ensure you and your business is ‘Blockchain Ready’.

Why the Blockchain?

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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will transform society

The Blockchain is the foundation for a new model of business and society.  It enables the 'internet of value' - where our identities, financial assets, music, even votes can be managed in a safe, secure, reliable way.  Understand what the Blockchain is, why it is transformative and the future implications on our society.

Blockchain Advisory Institute provides both standard and bespoke training courses designed to further your understanding of the applications of Blockchain technology.

The Team

Dr. Henry Balani


Dr. Henry Balani advises on innovative Blockchain technology issues driving improvement across multiple industries.  As a published academic, Dr. Balani  teaches business administration courses globally. 

Dr. Balani is also a noted industry commentator on issues leveraging the Blockchain, Digital Assets and Regulatory Compliance.  At Accuity, a global regulatory compliance technology firm, Dr. Balani developed cross industry affiliations,  developed new products and strategies for Accuity's Compliance and Payment business lines.   Dr. Balani managed consulting practices for some of the largest professional services firms in the world, including Accenture, IBM and Pegasystems. 

Mr. Balani holds a Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and degrees from Northern Illinois University and the London School of Economics.  

Mr. Kasi Paturi


Kasi Paturi is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years experience developing and founding software businesses. He has organized Blockchain focused seminars for FinTank at IIT and Cryptocon 2018 at Northwestern University. 

Mr. Paturi co-founded the first Global Cyber Security initiative and annual conference at IIT.  He previously co-founded the American Institute of Computers, DarkStorage (a cloud-based data storage company), Co-founder/Vice President of MPC Systems and was a Managing Principal of AIC Consulting. 

Mr. Paturi helped Dr. Ed Mensah develop the nation’s first online Public Health Informatics Program, offering graduate degrees and certificates, at the University of Illinois.

Mr. Paturi holds a Masters degree from the University of Illinois and is a graduate of IIT, Delhi. 

Mr. Mustafa Maqbool


Mustafa Maqbool is Adjunct Instructor of Finance and Economics at the School of Business, Northern State University.  Mr. Maqbool also works at Discover Financial Services as Process Automation and Operations Risk Specialist.

In 2017, Mr. Maqbool launched the first blockchain based e-business offering term life insurance.  Since then, he has been actively advising startups on leveraging the blockchain. He also writes articles on blockchain, digital assets and other technology innovations.  Mr. Maqbool has worked for major firms including Lehman Brothers, Barclays, Chevron and others, advising them on operational efficiency and growth.  

Mr. Maqbool earned an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, a Masters of Engineering from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI).

Advisory Board

Mr. David Baker, Executive Director, America's Urban Campus President Fremont St. Associates.


Mr. Baker oversees the operations of a consortium of Chicago's universities and colleges, representing 96% of all college students in the City. He also has a consulting practice focused in development of innovation ecosystems.

  Mr. Baker served as Vice President for External Affairs, Illinois Institute of Technology from 1995 to 2016. He was responsible for the University’s governmental relations, marketing and communications, and trustee relations.  Since 2001 he worked to create the University Technology Park at IIT of which he served as founding Executive Director from 2006 to 2016.  He managed all university strategic plans from 1993 through 2009. He helped to create the Perspectives Charter Schools/IIT Math & Science Academy. 

Prior to joining the University, Mr. Baker served as President of The Illinois Coalition, whose mission is to strengthen the Illinois economy through science and technology.  From 1980 to 1989, Mr. Baker served as the Executive Vice President of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest business advocacy organization.  Mr. Baker served as the 2012-2013 President of the Association of University Research Parks. He served as Chair of the Heidelberg Club International of Chicago from 2008 to 2015. Mr. Baker holds an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and an A.B. in History with a minor in Economics from Stanford University. He is married, has two children and lives in Chicago.

Dr. Mike Chitavi, Asst. Professor, Trinity Christian College

Dr. Mike Chitavi

Dr. Chitavi is an Educator and a Quantitative Investment Researcher in the area of Commodity Derivatives. He has taught undergraduate and masters students in multiple Universities in the USA. In research, he studies capital market, micro-structure,  algorithmic trading and  global asset pricing 

Dr. Chitavi is also a serial entrepreneur and Design-Innovation professional. He worked in three successful start-ups within the alternative investments sector. He started as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (E-i-R) at the Private Equity firm of Hughes and Co, based in Chicago, then he joined I2A fund (Chicago Ventures)  in the 1871 incubator.

 Prior to that, he worked in leadership roles at the Maryland based emerging manager Linkage Capital Partners (LCP), a Long-Short Hedge fund with Private Equity side pockets. 

Prior to joining LCP, Dr. Chitavi worked as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Management Consultant practice expert with some of the largest professional and corporate firms in the world. 

Dr. Chitavi has Doctorate of  Business Administration (D.B.A)  from the University of Wisconsin -Whitewater and a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. 

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